“Words are the biggest Lego set you will ever have. You can build a rocket that will take you to the moon.”

Joanne Harris

In addition to writing posts on Medium, I have been published on various other sites including The Mighty, GenTwenty, and I Am That Girl. Below are some of my favorite publications.


Don’t Just Take The Compliment-Embrace It! (I Am That Girl)

To The Person Who Said That I Was ‘Too Intelligent’ To Be Sick (The Mighty)

Dear Scott Hamilton, A Bad Attitude Isn’t The Only Disability (The Mighty)

No Formula for Forgiveness (I Am That Girl)


It’s Okay To Walk Away (I Am That Girl)


Are We Asking The Right Questions? (TEDxSalford)

You Can’t Turn A Flight of Stairs Into A Ramp (TEDxSalford)


Speaker Profile: Jon Robb (TEDxSalford)










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